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Healthy Snacking

I tend to eat more little snacks through-out the day as compared to large meals. It’s what works best for me and I have some tips for intentional snacking that I think will be helpful to you. Snacking isn’t “bad” if you choose to do it in moderation and make healthy choices.

Just because you’re watching T.V does not mean you need a snack. Simply because its 3 p.m, “snacking hour” doesn’t mean you are hungry enough to eat at that exact time. You need to listen to your body’s hunger and thirst signals to determine when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Don’t snack because it’s part of your daily routine; do it when you’re hungry.

Make sure you’re eating something healthy and light for snack. Remember, this is not a meal. Go for something with protein and fiber to keep your full longer. I usually eat 200-400 calories per mindful snack. Healthy snacks may not sound like the fun option but they can be just as tasty and easy to make.

Listed below are some perfect options for better snacking. Healthy Snacking

What will you do to be more mindful of when and what you’re eating? What’s your favorite snack?

Love, FitTeen Maddy


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