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FitTeen Interview; Alaina Middleton

This week I had the opportunity to interview Alaina Middleton, an athletic and ambitious teenager! I hope you find inspiration from her answers to the given questions. She answered extremely thought-out and reminded me of my time dancing and the emotions I felt during that time of my life. Enjoy her article!

1.) Q: “When did you begin dancing and why did you start?”

A: “I began dancing at the age of four after practicing gymnastics. I was drawn to dance from watching other girls in tutu’s and fancy shoes!”youngalania

2.) Q: “What is your favorite style of dance and any particular reason why?”

A: “My favorite style of dance is clogging. I have grown up watching older girls in the studio clog so I began at eleven years old. Clogging is a very fun, upbeat and rhythmic style of dance and always put’s a smile on everyone’s faces.”

3.) Q: “How does dancing make you feel?”

A: “Dance brings me an abundance of happiness. As I walk through the doors to the studio, my heart fills with joy that I get to share through dancing.”


4.) Q: “What are your best and worst memories associated with dance?”

A: “My best memories of dance consist of the many friendships and performances. The friendships you build in dance are unbelievable! I know I can always count on my dance family for anything!”


5.) Q: “What was your favorite performance? Describe it.”

A: “My favorite performance was a clogging duet with my best friend, Claudia. It is my most memorable performance because when we came off stage all we could do was squeal and hug from the excitement of performing together!”

6.) Q: “What advice would you give to girls looking for a way to get healthy and active?”

A: “My advice for girls trying to get healthy and stay active is to focus on how your body feels rather than looks! Have an accountability partner! Find something, like dance, that is fun and an enjoyable way to stay healthy with your friends.”


7.) Q:  “What are your thoughts on fitness and nutrition?”

A: “I believe eating nutritious and staying active is an important part of life. By having a healthy and active lifestyle, your body will naturally feel more energized and fit.”

8.) Q: “Who is your dance role model and why?”

A: “My dance role model is Joe Tremaine. Mr.Tremaine began dancing at a young age and has never stopped! He began a national dance convention and competition called “Tremaine.” This program reaches over 25 cities and thousands of dancers each year. I’ve had the privilege to take classes from him and he constantly inspires me to share my story and do what I’m passionate about! Something he always says is, “Dance training is life training,” and it is so true!”


9.) Q: “Favorite inspirational quote?”

A: “Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

10.) Q: “Do you hope to pursue dance in the future or what do you see yourself doing?”

A: ” In the future, I won’t stop dancing. I would love the opportunity to dance on a college dance team while studying physical therapy.”family

Thank you for participating in this Q & A Alaina! You are an amazing, ambitious dancer and girls are going to find inspiration from your interview!

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